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by Ritu

It’s been long due. Marketing Hackz is two days shy of being a month old and we have yet to do a link round up. It seems like it’s a norm in the blogging world to compile links. The benefits of course are many. First, you get to share articles that you find interesting and informative with your readers and second, it helps you market your own blog via linking to other sites. This practice makes link round ups or link compilation a favorite among bloggers.

We are no different. We just can’t believe it took us so long to get to this. In this post we have compiled links to 15 marketing articles that we really enjoyed and found informative. Each link is accompanied by a short excerpt from the post itself. Hope you enjoy it. There are a lot we couldn’t include which we will as the site gets older. If you would like to share any links that points towards marketing, social media and such please feel free to drop the links in your comments.

  • Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords of 2007-What is the most annoying or overused phrase or buzzword in the workplace today?” The responses from the execs were interesting and included phrases such as: Solution, Synergy, Paradigm, Take it offline, Redeployed people, On the runway, Win-win, Value-added, Get on the same page, Customer centric, Generation X, Accountability management, Core competency.
  • The Nine Best Story Lines For Marketing-If you’re pitching your company to investors, customers, partners, journalists, vendors, or employees and you don’t use at least one of these story lines, you probably have a problem. And most likely you’re too close to what you’re doing, so you think that you’re uniquely “patent-pending, curve-jumping, and revolutionary.”
  • 9 Random Tips on Being a Successful Online Marketer-You know what they say about success breeding ? Its very true. Surrounding yourself (even if its in instant messanger) with successful people is probably the single biggest step in the right direction of achieving success with internet marketing.
  • Online Marketing 10 Tips-Test your work as your ROI is measurable why not find out how you are doing as you go along, see what works for you. Monitor your online efforts, keep track what’s going on, and see what works and what doesn’t. Tweak baby tweak.
  • What My Preschooler Can Teach You About Marketing-For the most part my Preschooler has no problem following these basic rules. Why is it that many adults in the Online World have trouble following these basic rules that most Parents instill in their children?
  • Marketers; Are You Charging Your Clients Enough?-Offering a discount immediately is just money out of your pocket. Although 59% of firms discounted their services an average of 12%, the industry leaders who opted not to discount their services saw this money go straight to their profits.
  • 3 Strategies for Addictive Advertising-Ever notice yourself actually hoping to hear or see certain ads (i.e. certain beer and car commercials, mac vs. pc commercials, etc.)? This is called addictive advertising and here are three steps to help you get there.
  • Social Media Marketing Beginner’s Guide-SMM can provide quality traffic, you can minimize the often laborious time by a little planning and it is possible to market into B2B marketplaces. It’s not just for kids anymore.
  • 15 Fundamental Truths About Social Media Marketing-Voting submissions between site friends is one thing, but really trying to game the systems with sites like Subvert and Profit will almost always be obvious to the community—and do your clients or your own reputation no good.
  • 9 Best Social Media Marketing Sites For Publishers-First off, find an intern or person on your team who enjoys social networking sites, preferably your webmaster or someone with that skill set. Someone who is interested in social media marketing will be more successful at it than someone who doesn’t “get it”.
  • Free Advertising on Google-Many small businesses do not know that you can get some free advertising on Google, using Google Local or Google Maps. Google is looking to increase the value of their local search and their mapping application, so they have a simple way for you to tell them some information about your business, and now they are infusing those results into their main search engine

It’s your turn to share some interesting and informative articles with us ;-)

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Amanda MacArthur

Hey thanks for linking to our “9 Best Social Media Marketing Sites For Publishers” :) I love link round-ups, and I love them even more when we’re a part of them! :)


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