Click Conspiracy Review – Is Click Conspiracy Any Good?

by Jason

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This is our Click Conspiracy review. For more information on Click Conspiracy, check out the official website:

Click Conspiracy – Official Website

The first time I heard of Click Conspiracy was from my friend Tim Atkinson. If you’re not familiar with Tim Atkinson, he’s always got the goofy hats and the big, watches.

He’s a super affiliate and makes a ton of money online promoting different affiliate products in several different niches.

Tim Atkinson has teamed up with a lot of folks to do this offer with Max Fortune which is pretty cool.

Basically, Click Conspiracy is a software and training package that teaches and helps you make money online promoting anything that you want to promote – including Clickbank products, Amazon products, CPA offers and private affiliate products.

Now, I’ve actually got a copy of Click Conspiracy already so I’m going to be doing a Click Conspiracy review based on my experiences.

Click Conspiracy Review – What Is It?

Click Conspiracy is a software and training package designed to get you up and running quickly so you can start making money online – using all of the proven tactics of Max Fortune and Tim Atkinson.

There is two components to the software, and a boatload of training offered.  Basically, the software allows you to set up money making sites online quickly.  It also lets you do a lot with optin pages so you can build your list as you go.

It’s a killer suite that you should definitely take advantage of while you still can!

Click Conspiracy Review – What I Liked

I don’t usually like the software that comes with these kinds of products, but the Click Conspiracy stuff is a little different.

It actually helps you create killer make money online sites in a matter of minutes once you learn how to use it (and the learning process is quick and easy).

I haven’t seen all the training yet, but they’re still adding to it.  The program is still a month or so away from launching.

Click Conspiracy Review – What I Don’t Like

In terms of what I don’t like about Click Conspiracy, I want to see more training in the members area about how to successfully pick good affiliate offers to promote.

It’s a little lacking in that area as of right now, but I’ve put a request in and they said they just have to finish encoding the videos and upload it to the training area.

**EDIT: The videos on niche research are done and uploaded so no worries there…**

Click Conspiracy Review – Overall Thoughts

If you’ve been trying for a while to put together any substantial make money online campaigns, Click Conspiracy is a good bet for you.  The software is top notch.  The training is really good.  I don’t see any reason why not to check it out…

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