Free Slogan/Tagline For Your Business or Blog

by Ritu

As the title suggests, we are going to be creating a free slogan and tagline campaign here at marketing hackz. Slogans are an essential part of business and being business minded and creative I might add, we have been quite successful in creating slogans and taglines for both businesses and blogs.

If you have an online or offline business and are looking for a slogan or tagline just drop us a comment and we will get to work for you. What’s the charge? Well, how about a cup of coffee someday when your business or blog takes off like a wild fire in jungle? Yup, that’s it a cup of coffee, someday. Tomorrow or ten years later just buy us a coffee or a case of beer ;-) and we will call it even.

The criteria for this campaign is as simple as it can get. First 10 ( ten ) comments will be considered for a slogan or tagline for their business and or blog. The slogans will be emailed to you within a week from the date this post is published. Please be as specific as you can in what you are looking for and what your business or blog is about and we will get to work for you. You will love what we come up with and if you don’t we will get right back to work for you and hey it’s free so what the heck ( well a cup of coffee someday can’t really be considered as charging for it ).

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