Get Rich Click Review – Does Get Rich Click Work?

by Jason

Get Rich Click Review

Get Rich Click Review

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This is our Get Rich Click Review. For the official site of the Get Rich Click Book, click the link below:

Get Rich Click – Official Site

A lot of people have been asking me what I thought of the Get Rich Click book, seeing as though I got a promo copy in the mail from Clickbank and I’ve had a chance to meet the author, Mark Ostrofsky at a recent event in San Diego.

Honestly, at first, I wasn’t thrilled to read it.  I’ve been in this game a long time and the possibility of learning something new from a commercially available book is a bit scarce :0)

But then I remembered that this guy is incredibly gifted…  He presented at Underground this last time, in Washington DC.  He owns some INCREDIBLE web properties like,,, and a ton of others.

His Internet companies bring in over $75 Million a year…

And that’s when I picked it up and started reading.

So, what’s to follow is my Get Rich Click review, coming from a very experienced marketer…

Get Rich Click Review – What Is It?

Get Rich Click is a totally fresh way of making money online as a business owner.  It’s refreshing almost because it teaches you how to create a real business, using the Internet as a tool…  Not exploiting some secret tweak on the Internet to make a fortune.

It’s how make money online should be taught!

When you open the book, you see page after page of well respected individuals who gave their thoughts on the book, including a foreward by the CEO of Clickbank, the most respected purveyor of digital products online.

Then, as you start reading, you realize that pretty much every aspect of a web based business is uncovered.  Websites.  Advertising models.  Affiliate marketing.  Drop shipping.  E-commerce shops.  Everything.

Get Rich Click teaches you all that in 238 pages.. Pretty crazy!

Get Rich Click Review – What I Liked

The thing that I liked about Get Rich Click is that it’s a complete resource for the web worker or the Internet entrepreneur.  It’s not pitchy in any way.  There are hundreds of resources and tips and tricks in the book, but doesn’t feel like it’s bashing you over the head about one service in particular.

It’s a perfect manual for getting up and running online, and making as much money as possible quickly!

Get Rich Click Review – What I Didn’t Like

Even an Internet and marketing veteran like me can find something new and fresh in Get Rich Click

If there was something I didn’t like about the book it’s that the sheer volume of information is a bit cumbersome.  There are so many resources and strategies that you’re really got to pick on and march on through it…  If you pick more than that, you’re head is going to explode.

Marc even says that in the book.  Focus on one thing and build it out.  If it works, awesome!  If not (as not every business model will work for you) pick something else and move forward with that!  Don’t bite off more than you can chew!

Get Rich Click Review – Overall Thoughts

I really liked Get Rich Click for both the veteran online money maker and for the newer person just getting into selling stuff online and making money.  It’s a great resource and will prove beneficial no matter what level you’re at.  I am a perfect example of that!!

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Marc Ostrofsky


Great write up!

If the worst thing is that I give out to much info…I can live with that!

Layout, design, two color, cartoons…all under $20

Took 5 years to do it…the way you see it…

If u r at affiliate summit, please say hi




Hey Marc!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be at Aff Summit East so we’ll meet up. I’m attending the CB event before it as well. Are you going?

– Jason Drohn


marc o


Tell your followers I’m on ABC’s “The View” tomorrow, Friday, July 8. Thanks again for the write up. See you at Aff. Summ. East.


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